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Baked by Melissa

About Baked by Melissa

The story of Baked by Melissa has a familiar ring to it: bright entrepreneur, left a boring job, decides to follow her passion and starts a cupcake empire. A decade later, the boutique company that got its start providing fanciful cupcakes to caterers from a shared kitchen, is a multi-million-a-year company, supplying 14 locations and a growing ecommerce market from its own large commercial bakery. Such rapid growth brings its own set of challenges, however, so Baked by Melissa partnered with NexTec Group to meet those challenges and take the company to the next level of efficiency and innovation.

Case Study - Baked by Melissa

Key Results

Revenue grew several million in 2 years

Ordering processing throughput increased 20%

Phased implementation fit company's budget and aligned with busy operations

Main functionalities

Baked by Melissa selected FoodBusiness ERP and NexTec Group to help transform the business, beginning with order processing. “I have worked with FoodBusiness ERP and with NexTec Group before, and knew that FoodBusiness ERP was the solution that we would need to support our growth, and NexTec Group has expertise with the software and with food manufacturers,” says Levas. “And they were willing to work with us on a phased implementation so there would be minimal business disruption.”

NexTec Group designed and implemented a deep integration between Baked by Melissa’s ecommerce site and FoodBusiness ERP. The integration allows the company to successfully process an ever-increasing order volume, efficiently, accurately, and rapidly.

“Previously, we had no reliable method for determining what had shipped for the day,” says Levas. “We’d literally gather up any remaining picking tickets and figure those were the orders that hadn’t made it out. Customer acquisition costs in ecommerce are high, and our product is perishable, so we have to get it right. And now we do.”

The site generates an average of several hundred orders a day, and during busy holiday seasons, Baked by Melissa may process a whopping 6,000 orders a day. The company now has full visibility into its orders during every step in the fulfillment and shipping processes. Dashboards allow staff to quickly see what orders have shipped, which are in packing, and which orders remain. “We handled 20% more orders this past year using FoodBusiness ERP, but it felt like less because things went so smoothly and we had fewer customer support issues,” Levas says. “Orders went out rapidly, accurately, and we were able to easily communicate to each other and to the customers about every order.”

NexTec also facilitated the integration of FoodBusiness ERP with a robust shipping management application. “Our warehouse team scans the barcodes on our FoodBusiness ERP packing lists, and the shipment data is passed to the shipping software, which then writes the tracking number back to FoodBusiness ERP and to the web store,” explains Levas. “Then our web store sends the customer an email, including the tracking number, to let them know their cupcakes are on the way.”

It’s a big step towards the overall efficiency and best practices the company is working to build.

With the first vital phase of the implementation successfully complete, Baked by Melissa and NexTec Group are planning for the second phase, which will bring inventory, purchasing, product costing, lot tracking, and manufacturing capabilities on board.

“We’re positioning the company for the growth we expect to see,” says Levas. “FoodBusiness ERP is extremely scalable and it’s designed for the food industry. NexTec Group knows the product inside out, has extensive experience with companies like ours, and they have great business sense. They understand what it takes for us to succeed, and they’re ready to help us get there.”

A sweet success

“NexTec makes a good business partner because they become invested in our project. They want to see us succeed, as a company and with FoodBusiness ERP,” concludes Levas. “As we continue growing, we’re feeling confident that we’ve got the right team in place to be successful.”

NexTec Group knows FoodBusiness ERP inside out, has extensive experience with companies like ours, and they have great business sense.”
Jason Levas
COO, Baked by Melissa
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