Elmer Candy

Elmer Candy

About Elmer Candy

Elmer Candy Corporation is one of the most successful chocolatiers in the United States. Its sweet confections, primarily boxed chocolates, are sold at retailers across the country, including Walmart, Costco, Kroger and Target.

The majority of Elmer Candy’s sales occur during the Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Christmas holidays. In order to adequately meet the demand of each season, Elmer Candy must accurately forecast sales, ensure adequate supplies of raw ingredients, and then efficiently craft, package and distribute its goods. Miscalculations and inefficiencies are costly, and to avoid them Elmer Candy chooses to invest in its technology infrastructure.

Elmer Candy case study

Key Results

Full return on investment in just one season

Comprehensive lot tracking capabilities

Real-time data facilitates rapid decision making

Main functionalities

The entire system will pay for itself within one season. The savings are visible and measurable.
Joseph Wiley
MIS Director, Elmer Candy
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