Catch Weight Management

Catch Weight Management

Catch Weight Management

FoodBusiness ERP iused by food and beverage manufacturers to make food better. Built in Sage X3, FoodBusiness ERP runs your entire business through manufacturing, tracking, inventory, sales, finance and quality. Our FoodBusiness ERP customers are using it to manage the following business challenges: 

How It Works

  •      Track actual product weights through core
    business processes such as Procure to Pay, Plan to Produce and Order to Cash.

  • Manage actual weight products using three different units of measure – pallet, case and piece – to streamline inventory handling, improve production efficiency and meet even the most nuanced of customer demands.
  • Automate the many steps involved in processing catch weight products and minimize the time spent building or breaking pallets, and scanning, weighing and labelling products.

Streamline Catch Weight Management

Learn how FoodBusiness ERP helps you measure and manage catch weights from the time a product is purchased, to when it is fulfilled, produced and then delivered.


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Platform Built for Food

FoodBusiness ERP provides a full business process integration platform used by food and beverage manufacturers to make food better. With FoodBusiness ERP built in Sage X3 and implemented by NexTec food and beverage experts, our customers are using the solution to manage the following business challenges:

  • Support for food safety certifications
  • Enhanced quality management
  • Full bi-directional traceability for ingredients, packaging and finished goods
  • Product recall management
  • Batch processing
  • Formula and recipe management 
  • Allergen designation
  • Shelf-life and expiry date management
  • Production costing
  • Inventory visibility and accuracy
Platform Built for Food
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Single Platform for Your Food & Beverage
Manufacturing Business

Software - Finance and Operations

Finance & Operations

Manage finance and operations from a single system for multi-company operations


Software - Quality and Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Meet quality standards and maintain compliance with local, state and federal regulations


Software - Food Production

Production Management

Deliver plant scheduling, production and processing with full traceability


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