Milo's Tea Company

Milo's Tea Company

About Milo's Tea Company

The original Milo’s Sweet Tea story really begins as a Milo’s Hamburger story, a Birmingham, Alabama fast food chain restaurant founded by Milo and Bea Carlton in 1946 after Milo returned from World War II. The chain, with 20 franchised locations, was best known for its secret-recipe hamburger sauce and, of course, for its Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. Their philosophy was simple – using high quality, natural ingredients, they would never sacrifice taste and always listen to their customers.

Milo's Tea Case Study

Key Results

Long-term, customer-focused manufacturing ERP partnership and a scalable system to handle Milo's Tea Company's growing needs

Large-scale overall automation, end-to-end inventory management, and full transparency, visibility, and traceability for compliance

Seamless accounting and production integration

Main functionalities

From the beginning, the goal for Milo’s ERP implementation has been overall automation to improve efficiency. Hagood shares one of the most useful features has been Sage X3’s time zone conversion and multi-currency support. “Having to manage those conversions manually left a lot of room for error and with time zone conversion, it’s particularly important if you’re producing a perishable

The Milo’s Tea staff have also taken to the new technology. “They were open to automation from the beginning. We had some challenges but NexTec was there to help us along the way.”

Hagood recognized getting the most out of their technology would be a time investment, too. “Sage X3 is very flexible and highly configurable so most of our needs are met with standardized features,” she reports, “so it will be really well-supported for the long term. We won’t have to worry about supporting custom-developed capabilities.”

Beyond technology and systems expertise, Hagood realized NexTec had the customer-focused culture that she believed her staff needed to remain confident using these new technologies. Having adopted a particularly innovative way to keep their lines of communication open and transparent, NexTec added Milo’s team to their third-party project management and team communication
application Basecamp, giving Milo’s staff a comfortable, chat-like form of support handling often used for remote teams.

“What we love about Basecamp is when you post your issue it is seen by all the NexTec consultants and development team. If you have any kind of issue,” she claims, “the solution comes from a collaboration of people from NexTec. We had such a good experience from NexTec’s Basecamp collaboration process that we wanted them to help us upgrade to the next version. Basecamp is a real differentiator for NexTec and of high value to us.”

We knew we needed a technology partner that would be able to understand our technology limitations and the learning curve that our staff would need to go through.
Darlyne Hagood
Director of Administration, Milo’s Tea Company
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