Introducing the Latest Version of FoodBusiness ERP, Software Purpose-Built for Food and Beverage Companies

latest version of foodbusiness erp

As the food industry continues to rebound after a tumultuous 2020, attention is now being shifted towards creating a stronger supply chain with stricter regulations and an even bigger emphasis on food safety.

For some food and beverage manufacturers, adapting to even more industry changes after an already turbulent year could be impossible without the right tools and technology in place to streamline operations and support compliance.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the latest version of FoodBusiness ERP, which includes even more industry-specific functionality to help you optimize your food and beverage manufacturing business. FoodBusiness ERP comes equipped with all the features required to keep up with evolving industry standards, regulatory mandates and safety requirements. It is a unified solution designed to help food and beverage manufacturers better adapt to evolving industry changes and grow their businesses.


Built to Make Food Better

Built in Sage X3, FoodBusiness ERP was developed from years of industry experience incorporating best practices from food and beverage manufacturers and industry leaders across North America. It is a single system that runs your entire business through manufacturing, tracking, inventory, sales, finance and quality.

As part of our newest release, we’re continuing to invest in the features our customers require to stay ahead of their competition and adapt to changing trends. Here’s a look at some of the ways FoodBusiness ERP helps manufacturers make food better:

 1. Quality is King

Our customers continually tell us how critical effective quality management is to their business. As a result, we’ve developed even more robust quality and audit capabilities in FoodBusiness ERP that further support compliance mandates including SQF, BRCGS, FSMA, GMP, HACCP and HARPC.

Enhanced quality management features also include:

  • Multi-user checklists and quality audits so users can run audits that span multiple items concurrently and include non-product related items such as premises, GMP, HACCP and others.
  • Role-based testing and management that includes role-based security measures and helps simplify the management and delegation of tasks while enhancing compliance.
  • Improved reporting including audit checklist reports and completed audit reports.

 2. Commitment to Food and Beverage

FoodBusiness ERP is purpose-built for food manufacturers, which means that we have dedicated internal teams who focus solely on creating new features and software releases to reflect market trends and regulatory advances.

On top of that, our partnership with Sage X3 allows us to capitalize on the functionality Sage has already built for the industry – including formula management, inventory management, regulatory compliance and lot tracking – and expand our food and beverage functionality to offer an even more robust and unified solution for food manufacturers.

3. Proven Expertise

Relying on a partner who knows the ins and outs of your industry helps ensure you’re getting the best possible product and support. Our FoodBusiness ERP experts have worked with food and beverage companies across North America for years and understand your unique challenges. We’ve taken our years of business experience and built it into our software and implementations.

We also hire consultants and professionals from the food and beverage manufacturing industry to best understand your business and to help come up with solutions to industry issues. At FoodBusiness ERP, we help implement process practices, suggest ways to make your operations run smoother and guide your team through the selection process, implementation, go live and beyond.

 4. Continuous Improvement

Implementing new business software can be difficult, time consuming and costly. That’s why it’s critical to choose a solution that can grow with your business (so you don’t have to replace it as your operations become more complex).

At FoodBusiness ERP, we are actively investing in developing features and functionality to match the unique needs of food and beverage manufacturers. Enhanced functionality in the latest release of FoodBusiness ERP includes production sequencing, commissions and product recall features to help you take control of your entire business and better manage growth.


For more information on the latest version of FoodBusiness ERP, download our product deep-dive eBook or reach out to us. We’d love to chat.



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