Streamline Dock Scheduling with FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2

dock scheduling functionality in FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2

You asked and we listened. We’re excited to introduce FoodBusiness ERP’s newest functionality for dock scheduling and yard schedule optimization, which is included in the newest version of the software.

For many of our larger customers, streamlining and automating dock door scheduling is of critical importance for improving facility traffic flow and increasing warehousing efficiency. Our FoodBusiness ERP developers created this new functionality in partnership with these customers.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

What is Dock Scheduling?

A warehouse docking area can be a pretty busy place, especially for large-scale companies that rely on frequent shipments of inventory and raw materials for manufacturing and then on regular outbound shipments of finished goods. Dock scheduling tools – like the features now found in FoodBusiness ERP – help manage the traffic coming in and out of a customers’ facility to optimize shipment and inventory management.

How Does Dock Scheduling Functionality Work?

For FoodBusiness ERP users, dock scheduling functionality harnesses essential data within the ERP system and helps to streamline shipments, inventory management and warehouse activities even more than before.

It does this by utilizing graphics, visuals and Gantt charts for real-time scheduling and shipment data management.

dock scheduling functionality in FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2
Dock Scheduling flow in FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2
dock scheduling functionality in FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2
Real-time view of Dock Status in FoodBusiness ERP 2023 R2

With dock scheduling functionality, customers can:

  • Manage and balance the traffic coming in and out of their facility.
  • Maintain and monitor dock calendars to ensure efficiency.
  • Log critical shipment data, including carrier name, driver contact information and more.
  • Automate manual scheduling processes and reduce warehouse and administrative staff loads.

Why Does This Functionality Matter?

These features in our newest release provide FoodBusiness ERP customers with the tools they need to manage dock scheduling without having to rely on a full-blown transportation management solution. With dock scheduling features in FoodBusiness ERP, users can extend their current instance of the software to organize shipments, trucks and deliveries according to individual sales orders. This ensures next-level product tracking and complete end-to-end visibility.  

Streamline Dock Scheduling for Greater Efficiency

By optimizing and managing the traffic in and out of your facility, you can greatly improve efficiency and save money for doing what you do best: creating food and beverage products your customers love.  

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