Why the Right ERP is Essential for Craft Brewers

erp for craft brewers

Craft brewers are known for their personal, responsive and fresh approach to beer making. That commitment brings with it certain challenges that require operational precision, flexibility and efficiency. 

To create opportunity and respond quickly to evolving tastes and needs, craft brewers need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is purpose-built for the food and beverage industry and a solution provider with deep experience and understanding of the needs and challenges specific to the industry. 

Unique Challenges in Craft Brewing 

Craft brewers are a special breed, priding themselves on quality products, natural ingredients and time-honored processes for creating tasty bottles and cans of beer. 

The commitment to quality is the key to success, which is it’s necessary to look for ERP for craft brewers that address the following: 

Small Batch Production and Freshness 

Craft brewers are likely to work with small batches that are best consumed close to production. That means having transparency into supply chains that can source, create and distribute products efficiently, as well as tight inventory control. Brewers need an ERP system that can anticipate consumption and monitor shelf life. 

Unexpected Growth  

Because of recent demand for craft beer, many brewers are facing unanticipated expansion, especially if new brands or flavors spike in popularity. It’s critical to have solutions in place that can scale quickly and integrate disparate systems. 

Emerging Tastes 

When it comes to beer, consumer tastes are constantly evolving, with demands for seasonal products and those that infuse different ingredients and flavor profiles. Brewers need a solution that is flexible, can accommodate changes in production and keep track of multiple recipes. 

New Frontiers and Evolving Regulations 

 As tastes evolve, opportunities emerge. Some craft brewers are launching cannabis-infused beers, for example. Doing so requires new processes and recipes. It also means obtaining the licenses and abiding by state and local regulations. Your ERP needs to support compliance and safety best practices.  

Batch and Process Manufacturing 

Small batches create exclusivity and operational complexity. Process manufacturers need integrated ERP Software that is built for food and beverage manufacturing and comes equipped with the functionality necessary for process manufacturing. Brewers who rely on generic ERP solutions designed for discrete manufacturers may be forced to adapt their operations to fit into a discrete model that is better suited for automobile, electronics or furniture manufacturing. 

Finding the Right ERP for Craft Brewing  

FoodBusiness ERP is built on Sage X3 and includes features purpose-built for beverage manufacturers. It integrates the functional areas of a business, including: 

  • Operations, including visibility into cost tracking 
  • Food safety, traceability and recall management 
  • Supply chain management and compliance 
  • Warehouse and inventory management with tracking tools to reduce waste and spoilage, optimize product profitability and manage expiration dates and reorder levels 
  • Finance and accounting to manage cash flow, fixed assets and general ledger 
  • Sales and purchasing to better manage customers and suppliers 
  • Production management 
  • Quality control with use-by information, batch and serial number management, expiration date management and quality control functionality 
  • Mobile capabilities to allow you access to data no matter where you are 

To learn more about how FoodBusiness ERP can help your craft brewing company streamline operations, support compliance and manage growth, download our Beginner’s Guide to ERP. For more information on how FoodBusiness ERP can work for you, reach out to us. We’d love to chat. 

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