Introducing FoodBusiness ERP, Software for Food and Beverage Manufacturers

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Running a successful food and beverage company is difficult. Manufacturers, processors and distributors have to ensure they comply with quality and safety regulations, accurately manage inventory and expiration dates, and be ready to perform a full product recall if necessary.

While many smaller food and beverage businesses can manage their operations using spreadsheets, manual processes and basic software, as a company begins to grow, so to do the complexities. At some point in a company’s growth, the volume of activity will likely become too much for basic software to handle and administrative tasks will start to bog down operations. At the same time, as your growing business starts to come up against larger competitors, it’s critical that you have the data to make the best decisions for your business.

That’s where Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software comes in. An ERP provides end-to-end management of your entire food and beverage business. By connecting departments, data and operational processes into a single solution, you’ll have access to a single version of the truth. With this, you can make the most accurate business decisions based on real-time data from across your entire organization.

Built to Make Food Better

We’re excited to introduce you to NexTec’s FoodBusiness ERP, an all-in-one ERP solution purpose-built for food and beverage companies. FoodBusiness ERP manages your operations from the time an ingredient enters your facility, until the finished good is delivered to your customer and provides you with the food-specific functionality you need to grow your business.

Built on the Sage X3 platform, FoodBusiness ERP combines Sage X3’s powerful enterprise solution with industry-specific features built for food and beverage companies. Functionality including end-to-end traceability, MRP, robust pricing capabilities and product recall management give companies like yours the tools they need to streamline operations and ensure growth.

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With FoodBusiness ERP, food and beverage companies can:

  • Accurately trace ingredients and material from receiving through to delivery
  • Gain control and visibility throughout the production process
  • Support certification standards with comprehensive quality modules and product recall management
  • Manage and analyze production costs
  • Analyze data using dashboards and KPIs

Unlike other generic solutions, FoodBusiness ERP is designed, delivered and supported by experts who come from food and beverage manufacturing and distribution companies, so we understand the complexities of running a successful food and beverage business. To ensure our customers are using their software to the fullest, we’ve created online help tools, dashboards and financial reports, and configuration training to help guide users through their system.

FoodBusiness ERP is used by some of the industry’s most respected food and beverage manufacturers to run their businesses. To learn more about the solution and how it can help your company streamline operational efficiency and manage business growth, download our eBook or register for our upcoming webinar.

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