Managing Food Recalls with an Industry-Specific ERP Solution

With food-specific recalls on the rise in the U.S. and Canada, it’s never been more important to have a plan in place should a recall occur in your facility.

An Enterprise Resource Planning solution, or an ERP, provides users with functionality to help prepare for, execute and recover from product recalls using full lot/serial traceability, comprehensive allergen tracking and robust quality control features.             

Our newest eBook on managing product recalls in the food and beverage industry provides readers with:

·       The challenges food and beverage manufacturers face when a recall occurs

·       How to prepare for a recall in your facility

·       The ways an ERP built for the food industry can help you go from recall to resolution in minutes

FoodBusiness ERP built on Sage X3 connects departments, data and operational processes into a single solution to give users access to a single version of the truth. This visibility allows food and beverage businesses to quickly identify an affected product or ingredient, isolate it and track it back and forth through the supply chain. Comprehensive traceability functionality found in a solution built for the food and beverage industry helps companies like yours narrow the scope of a recall, saving you time, money and your brand’s reputation.

Download your copy of Managing Product Recalls in the Food and Beverage Industry or visit the resource center for additional information. To learn more about FoodBusiness ERP, reach out today.

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