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A recent article by G2 found that almost 50% of ERP implementations fail the first time around. The reasons for failure vary, but the leading cause is software fit and not selecting the right solution for a business’ specific requirements. Choosing the wrong solution can lead to improper planning, high costs and a lack of necessary functionality, which is why it’s critical to take the time to choose an ERP solution that works for your unique business.

The same G2 article found that companies spend an average of 17 weeks selecting an ERP, 87% seek guidance for ERP implementation and 67% for ERP planning. Businesses that enlist an experienced provider with industry-specific expertise ensure they’re selecting the right solution and guaranteeing an easier implementation, go-live and beyond.

Below, we look at why choosing a partner with a deep understanding of the food industry is critical to your ERP success.

Generic Software vs. Food-Specific ERP

Generic software solutions typically consist of a wide range of features and functionalities designed to work across multiple industries. While these solutions boast out-of-the-box functionality and quick implementation times, the opposite tends to be true when working with unique industries like food and beverage manufacturing. 

Food-specific ERP software, however, comes equipped with the tools food and beverage companies need to be successful. Instead of relying on generic features that will undoubtedly require extensive customization to address the nuances of the food and beverage industry, a purpose-built solution will include the costing, quality, compliance, food safety and traceability features food companies like yours need on a daily basis.

Still on the fence? Here’s a list of reasons to choose industry-specific over generic software:

  • Faster Implementation Times and Lower Costs

To address the unique requirements of the food and beverage industry, generic solutions will typically need to be customized or supplemented with add-ons. These modifications can be costly and time-consuming. They will also need to be reconfigured each time the solution is upgraded to the latest version.

Alternatively, ERP software built for the food and beverage industry offers purpose-built features and functionality designed to help manufacturers build and grow their businesses.

  • Flexibility for a Changing Market

The right ERP solution affords food and beverage businesses with the flexibility required to pivot operations according to changing regulatory rules and market demands. Because ERP connects all departments, data and processes into a single solution, business leaders have clearer visibility into the health of their operations. With this control, leaders can make better, faster and more impactful business decisions.

  • Support for Compliance Regulations and Requirements

The food and beverage industry is constantly facing tightening safety rules and regulations. Functionality supporting industry-specific compliance – like SQF, BRCGS, FSMA, GMP, HACCP and HARCP standards – is built right into a solution designed for the food industry. This means that as regulations evolve, your ERP system will evolve along with you and help to support your compliance efforts along the way.

Taking Industry-Specific to the Next Level

A purpose-built solution is integral to the success of an ERP project. But an ERP system is only as good as the people behind the product. To get the most from your software, it’s critical to have an experienced and reliable team working alongside you to support your business’ growth.

Look for a food and beverage ERP partner that has:

1. Deep Industry Expertise

A partner who knows the ins and outs of your industry will help ensure you’re getting the best possible product and support. A team of highly knowledgeable implementation experts with a proven methodology that is tailored to the food and beverage industry will help streamline the process and save you time and money.

2. Decades of Experience

To get the best possible product and support, look for a partner with team members who came from the food and beverage industry and understand your business and what it takes to compete. The right partner will not only implement the right solution, but will help implement best practices, suggest ways to make operations run smoother and provide insightful support throughout the partnership.

3. Dedicated Teams

The best solutions are those that have a knowledgeable group of people working behind the scenes to continuously improve the product’s features and functionality. That’s why it’s important to look for an ERP partner with dedicated business analysts, project managers, solution architects, product developers and more. When new industry changes and opportunities arise, a food ERP partner with teams dedicated to the industry will be there, creating new features and software releases to address market trends and regulatory advances and ultimately helping you grow.

FoodBusiness ERP is software purpose-built for the food and beverage industry. It is built in Sage X3 and contains functionality Sage has already developed for food and beverage manufacturers, including formula management, inventory management, regulatory compliance and lot tracking. In addition to this functionality, FoodBusiness ERP experts continue to create new IP and features to reflect changes in the industry. With FoodBusiness ERP, customers get the stability and reliability of a top ERP vendor coupled with the deep knowledge and experience of our food and beverage experts.

To learn more about our software and our team, reach out to us. We’d love to chat.

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